Mooji Video: You Need the Practical Mind But Never the Psychological Mind

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In this super short Mooji Minute, he explains that we can not get rid of the mind entirely because we need the mind to execute practical matters, but the “thinking” mind, or “psychological” mind is NOT required at all and is the culprit for all human suffering. Let’s listen to Mooji…

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Joie says:

When I was awakened in 1972, Great Spirit and our Rainbow Councils of Love and of Light provided me with these 3 mandates for finding and following my soul’s path. It took me awhile to reMember them, but I follow them, I’m always aligned with ALL THAT I AM * WE ARE * ONE HEART *

“When in doubt, don’t”

“Energy is flowing or it’s not
It either feels good or it doesn’t”

11th Commandment ~ “Thou Shalt Not Should”

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