Mooji Videos: Breaking the Habit of Wanting

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Most of us experience the habit of “wanting”.   We want this and we want that, and often when we get what we want we move quickly to the fulfillment of another “want”.  Wanting is a game by the mind (ego) to help it continue its existence. In this video Mooji explains that the way out of “want” is by shifting from “Person” to “Presence”.

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Anne Batchelor says:

When the Truth is revealed within, there is only light, joy and love. Thank you Moojiji for bringing your light so directly to that Truth so we too can shine in this world.

Chris says:

Wow…Mooji always brings me back to Truth.

Deep bow, thank you.

Maria says:

This is one to watch over and over.
Being addicted to dreams and fantasies for many years has taken a lot of my energy and focus, unaware I was missing much of my wonderful life.
So many workshops have promised that if you visualise your dreams enough, they will come true. It was believing that something was always missing in my life and that if I spend time keeping those images clear, I will be totally fulfilled. Of course, even if those fantasies came true, it would feel good for a short time and then there would be new ones to focus on, a repeating cycle of not having enough.
Thank you, Mooji, for showing me that right now, who I am in my life is complete. I can let go of desires and use my time fully enjoying the treasures each day brings. I am and have enough!

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