Mooji Guided Meditation: Love Meditation

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In this truly beautifully produced six minute meditation,  Mooji focuses on love.  This clip comes from “The Calling” by Karuna. The Calling is traditional Armenian duduk music in its most intimate, heart-stirring portrayal by this contemporary musician, Karuna (Dmitry Kobzarenko). Let’s enjoy…

Please note: The first two and a half minutes is music only.

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Joan Ferry says:

Restoratively beautiful!

Dave B. says:

The teachings of Mooji and the music of Karuna (the calling) are the perfect combination, I listen to at night when I sleep, in the morning and through the day brings me much peace and love that I return to the world to the source from where we all come from much love to Mooji and Kuruna and all the beautiful beings

Sangeeta says:

Thank you mooji baba. Love you.Our humble pranam and infinite gratitude under ur Lotus feet.

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