Mooji Quotes: You Are In Direct Oneness With What Is

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Here is another wonderful 8 minute video created by Lucia Lagana combining music, AMAZING images, and quotes from Mooji, including live audio clips in which we find Mooji sharing words of wisdom.

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odette tremblay says:

Les paroles de Mooji et la musique de ce vidéo me touche profondément.

Puis-je savoir le nom de l’auteur et le titre du morceau qu’on entend dans les 4 premières minutes du vidéo.

Merci beaucoup.

admin says:

Allo Odette, the music comes from BrunuhVille and the name of the album is Northwind and song name is “The Elven Prophecy” – You can find the song here: and more music by Brunuhville is available here

Kanchan Ramachandra says:

This video compilations was really very good

Rut Wagner says:

Again as always: a most beautiful Mooji-video out of Luciana’s heart!

Marlene says:

So beautiful but had trouble reading the red writing and as I’ve said before, a little longer time would help. I consider myself to be a very quick reader but unless I hit the pause button, I miss the ending which is such a pity as i does need to flow. Nevertheless I want to say thank you Luciana – your work is truly divine.

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