Mooji Video: How Can I Transcend My Fear of Evil Spirits?

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In this nine minute video clip, Mooji responds to a seeker’s letter asking, “How can I transcend my fear of evil spirits?” This is actually quite a common question so let’s listen to Mooji’s response…

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Anonymous says:

I am a recovering addict. Although I have been clean for over 30 years, I still need to remain vigilant, else my ego ( my disease ) will stand behind a falsehood and cause disharmony somewhere in my life.
When I read the title of today’s video, my mind was quick to dimiss it, claiming non belief of such entities. As I wrote, vigilance is a practice, so I put on my headphones, clicked on play and closed my eyes.
My plight is no longer physical, drugs enabled a desperation that only peace can entice. For a long time, Mooji has guided that spiritual retraining. The ‘ false version of myself’ is when ego resides as a co-presence. That is my ‘evil spirit’.

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