Mooji Answers: How Can I Be the Self if I Am Mentally Sick or Depressed?

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In this VERY important five minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker who wants to know, “How can I be the Self if I am mentally sick?”.  Mooji offers a concise response that can help the questioner distinguish between the “Self” and the “Person” who is actually the one who has been labeled as “mentally sick”.

This video can be VERY helpful for those with psychological issues created by the mind, but it must also be understood that there are individuals with “physical mental impairments” that must be treated as such and not brushed off as a problem of the personal mind.  Any and all individuals with “abnormal” psychological issues serious enough to be on medication should not alter their prescriptions unless advised by their physician.

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Raney says:

To that person, know this: “I am more than That!”

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