Mooji Guided Meditation: The Drug of Identification

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Here is a wonderful 8 minute guided meditation from Mooji called “The Drug of Identification”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Anonymous says:

Thank you for your superb support Michael. So appreciate it. But a meditation talk with a background score ? That too the Gayatri Mantra with an orchestra and drums? Am still a beginner and need help in concentrating and listening to what Mooji is saying. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Anonymous says:

I agree ,music does not add but detracts from this wonderful talk.

Anonymous says:

Thank you! I really needed this “The Drug of Identification” meditation this morning. The background music was a little distracting… Nonetheless, it was exactly what I needed.
Thank you.

shelley freeman says:

I loved the music with the talk. Perfect for me this moment.

Veena says:

How is the job already done?

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