Mooji Video: The True Meaning of Inquiry

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Mooji explains that “Inquiry” is not as complicated as some of us make it out to be.

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Philomena Benz-Howell says:

Wars can happen when we identify with ” I am this body”
Great video – thank you

Ave says:

Thank you! I am also reflecting about how this illusion of body-me was built up. Mooji’s view is very helpful here. 🙂

sally says:

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Thank You

Rekha patel says:

Om…Thank You.Pranam Guruji!!!Om.

Anonymous says:

Every word/symbol uttered by Mooji represents Love, depth of Self, encouragement to see ourselves as the Self & to let life happen as it is.
Thank you, Mooji, for the blessings and for calling me to your heart!

Claudia says:

❤️Simple and clear

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