Mooji Video: What Happens to Me After I Die?

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“If you identify with the body, then surely you will die. But if you identify with who you really are, you will know that there is no question of dying as you are the everlasting life that springs forth the entire Universe.”

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Cecile says:

Truly I love the pointings of Mooji, but actually I dislike all the music and pictures around this pointing.. sorry

Elizabeth Jones says:

Cecile, I agree, I just want to hear the message lol

Joanna says:

Beautiful _/\_ like Cecile I prefer without the music. Thank you for your work and wonderful postings.

rowena says:

beautiful one, thank you. so funny and tender x

admin says:

Perhaps the music is there as an tiny exercise to see if one has the ability to focus 🙂 It is actually a wonderful little exercise to help us develop the skill to keep our focus on the “Self” throughout the many distractions of life.

nahid says:

Nicely said, yes it is a little practice of everything.
Thank you m

Margit Rajda says:

IGEN! TUDOM, hogy nem halok meg….Volt már egy halál, a Nagy Halál, és azóta tudom-érzem,hogy már soha nem fogok meghalni többé. Csak mosolygok, ha halálról beszélnek…mert tudom,hogy nem létezik. Köszönöm, Mooji!

Sue says:

Beautifully put with a loving gentle sense of humour and I am not distracted by the soft music. Thank you for being. Xxx

JaneLo says:

I am very thankful to receive this wonderful videos! Thank you very much. I would prefer without music, but also with I am thankful a lot… 😉

Jayanti says:

so true self is no thing, death is no thing, consciousness is no thing, no one here to die and who wants to know Mooji sweetly kindly sooths the anxiety but doesn’t get drawn into the unanswerable – and the music? , yes, I agree, too much, silence in between the words allow the words to be heard and resonate the truth, – sentimentality keeps the personal alive and anxious

Diane says:

I like how the beautiful artistic touches are added, so the message goes straight to my heart. If we see the water or fire for a moment, can we still hear Mooji s words resound within us? Can we hold onto his pointing without seeing his face?, Is the question….

Barbara says:

The female seeker/questioner reeked with the stench of fear, anxiety,
confusion…I say this not as judgement, but rather as connection with her understandable primal fears. Humans, endowed with libido (the life force, vigor…and yes, sexual energies) crave to continue living…we grasp and cling to Life because it’s a known experience…Death seems to be unknowable; therefore, great existential panic can grab a person’s heart/mind. Shedding the identities, beliefs, and conditioned self, the derived self, allows great freedom of mind and lightness of heart.

Anonymous says:

why it needed to pictured with music and all fancy video clips.

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