Mooji Video: The Effortlessness of Our True Being

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In this twenty minute video clip, we join Mooji is a super cozy setting to hear him talk about how most effort that we make is for the misunderstandings of the “Person” and that our true being is complete effortless in nature.  Let’s cuddle up and listen…

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James says:

if your sense of a person is that you are being oppressed (lets say you are a Jew in 1930s Germany or an Iraqi whose country has just been invaded by American soldiers) then surely the sense of personhood cannot be ignored…it is real,especially if you have a family,children to protect ?

This is where I find Advaita a little worrying…in can lead to passivity in situations where action is appropriate,I understand that too often the sense of personhood is trivial and obsessed with petty issues like relationships,desires to be rich etc but it is not always petty and sometimes appropriate

admin says:

Even more so, in high stress situations, you don’t need a made up psychological identity to be highly functional and able to take action. In fact, one who is operating in complete presence will make better decision under pressure and less mistakes. No Ego required to be who you are .

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