Mooji and Rupert Spira Video: My Experience of Awakening

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In this AMAZING (11 minute) compilation of clips, we find Mooji expressing a hilarious version of his turning point of Awakening with Papaji and in a very different (yet identical in nature) way, we hear Rupert describing his turning point of Awakening with Francis Lucille.  Let’s set everything aside and enjoy…

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Gisela Welbers says:

Beloveds, I want to tell you, that I enjoy your Mooji – Messages very much. ❤️
But there is a very strong problem for me – I get it for free from you…, and I would like to spend Money for it. But … I am an “70” years old women without enough money to pay for your work and costs and, and, and , or every thing. The only what I can do, is to spread your Message all over the world with my Facebook account. 0therwise I have no possibilities, I regret this very much . I know the Problem wich is very Great – there are sooo many People, also your friends, and they pay not, because they think otherwise.
Excuse me very, very much. In german I would say – sie sind anders gestrickt und sind einfach rücksichtslos und erkennen nicht eure Schwierigkeit! Ich habe eine kleine Rente und sonst kein Einkommen …
Please Excuse me very much and Thank you for your Messages of Mister Mooji. I think he is a very, very special for the whole world. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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