Mooji Videos – Who’s to be Responsible for Your Life?

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This 8 minute clip from Mooji is so amazing that one must pay attention to every sentence. Two of the major points are “Remain as the ‘Self’ and let the ‘Self’ take care of your life” and “Activity of life is not in conflict with the ‘Truth’.

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Veronika Birken says:

‘When you are the awareness, your life is flowing like a river of Light.’ How I love this image!

Caroline says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mari says:

Beautiful! Thank you, <3

Maria says:

Surrendering is saying YES!!!

Lalla says:

So Beautiful! Thank You Beloved Mooji!

Headless man says:

I can never find what I am looking for cause I am what I am looking for….
Flow like a river of light!
Live that and I do!

odete santos says:

Sim sempre grata <3

anna says:

Mooji’s presence is enough

Anonymous says:

It is That ! Namasté

Ursula says:

to start a day with this words makes the day flowing like fresh spring water. thank you deeply.

Angelika Dumat says:

I am really happy and thankful for your daily guidance.

Debasish Mukherjee says:

Too good ,,too good really grateful

evelyn gaylor says:

Thank you so much for posting these pointings. This one is amazing. The answer in 8 minutes.

Rae Bittorf says:

I was receiving Mooji’s daily meditations with deep joy & gratitude and then they stopped
coming & I really miss them!
I did reapply ,but still not getting them!

Anonymous says:

Thanks a lot , my awareness will take care of my life flow. I feel very relaxed and peaceful without any burden.

Laise Maria Poerner says:

UAU… sempre os apontamentos perfeitos na hora perfeita!! Gratidão infinita!!

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