Mooji Video: Remain as the Isness

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This is a fourteen minute clip from Satsang at Monte Sahaja that took place on September 3rd 2017.  The main focus of this particular clip is reminding us about the play of the mind and our ability to escape the trappings of the mind by remaining in the Isness that we are.

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Vanita bunwaree says:

Hi can u pls help me on going to the isness is the same as feeling i am practice?thx

sally says:

Excellent Very appropriate
Thank You
Namaste Guruji MoojiBaba

rose says:

the Isness is the Bizness!

rowena says:

thank you thank you thank you – a beautiful one! 🙂

Bob says:

Still confused about how to live from the space.

Also still very exhausted.

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