Mooji Guided Meditation: May the Urge for Complete Freedom be Satisfied

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We all have 10 minutes to spare. This guided meditation from Mooji in Satsang in London is less than 10 minutes long and will bring you back to yourself in deep peace, love and harmony.

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Diana McAskill says:

Thankyou,thankyou thankyou, Mooji Baba

Wendy Ward says:

I can find the Presence, but only once was I able to completely disidentify with thoughts that came up. Now I can be aware of Presence but after a short while I find that I have begun to follow a train of thought. Usually it will be thoughts centered on spirituality but, of course, these thoughts still take me away from awareness of Presence. It seems I was doing better earlier.

Dr Ray Ernst says:

Thank you Mooji. I continue to suggest to family members and friends that at least ten minutes of meditation daily will bring great benefits.

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