Mooji Video: How to Deal With Bad Memories and Guilt From the Past

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In this thirteen minute video, a seeker wants to know what she can do with bad memories and guilt from the past that keep coming up over and over again.  Mooji responds by offering some gentle advice to try to lead her out of the identification with these thoughts.

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Anna Billings says:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful answer to her question. I have the same issue after choosing an 16 year abusive relationship. Your answer really helped me. Namaste dear One Blessings❤.

dianne says:

Given that I have a sense of the reality of this SELF, but presently am not in tune with it, is it helpful or not to be training to be a counsellor when the training works with self-concepts….which leads in a different direction I think. Please can you advise as I feel I have an aptitude for this counselling work, but it involves an empathy and focus that is conventional, and I feel it may be trapping me as it influences my thinking work… and my sense of what compassion is, and what ‘helping’ people is… Please can you advise?

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