Mooji – The Journey to the Self is Only a Concept

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So many of us keep asking the question “How do I get there?” This short video takes us directly to the answer.

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Eric says:

Are we there yet….( kids in the backseat of the car ). Wonderful reminder

Anonymous says:

The critical point, our fight back to the self is just an idea. Thank you Mooji for reminding again and again. Your words are very clear 🙂

Anonymous says:

Our mind wants a struggle and fight to get to the self; it wants something to do. Thank you so much Mooji for reminding us that this is just an idea, we are the self, no struggle is necessary 🙂

Ave says:

Thank you!
The teachings by Mooji greatly accelerates and helps the process!
This belief into a journey to get …. THERE. It is really a mad obstacle and yet, I have also had it once upon a time.
I got it- the mind is creating the “spiritual journey! and I am sure it likes to create a long one to survive longer… 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

Gillian Phillips says:

Thank you Mooji!
Another great reminder that wherever I am, wherever I go, what ever I do and whatever I see, I was and will always, always BE me!

Peace & love to one & all !

Grace says:

Thank you dear Michael for your work. I just can’t seem to find any question I want to ask Mooji. That is why I did not answer you before. Every word he speaks takes me back to my Self it does’nt matter what the video deals with. I am so grateful and so blessed. Thank you again, dear one.

Uva says:

Food for the soul. so precious!1 THANK YOU THANK TOU THANK YOU!

Anita Gatz says:

Beloved Mooji, thank you so much – you are like a lovely storm taking all this clouds away!
My heart is singing! Anita

Nisse says:

How do I get where I already am and who is it trying to get somewhere? Do I need to go anywhere to be myself? So purifying I am still laughing 😀

Thank you so much for this Guruji <3

Anonymous says:

Rupert Spira speaks to this. He doesn’t dismiss it. The intellectual knowing but not the experiential/feeling knowing. He does what he terms yoga meditations to bring the teaching into the body, into feeling/knowing.

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