Mooji Video: What If I Run Out of Money?

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In this 7 minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker that has surrendered her life to the realization of the “Truth” but is feeling a bit insecure financially and what is going to happen in the future.  Mooji explains that life is an adventure in being and that one should trust life to show the way for the fulfillment of those adventures.

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sethu says:

Where ever you go a garden opens up! What power!!! Love you Mooji!!!

Anonymous says:

I really appreciate this!!!!!!

eunice says:

Thank you!

Kanchan says:

Thank you for sharing these videos

Anonymous says:

Many thanks, this is powerful and helpful guidance and support.

Mary says:

Thank you!

Rajaram says:

Something similar to this happening here. Some how from somewhere the wind blows and moves and whispers your name Guruji

Nayana Gandhi says:

Thank you for this video…..!!!!

Katherine says:

I too, a few years back, was “trapped” with no money, no future, no desire to work. I was terrified. I was filled with recrimination. I was suicidal, actually. I prayed to God to care for me and show me the way. I just put my faith in him eventhough I didn’t know how to plan or take care of myself. Lo and behold what miracles. I found a beautiful place to live, money to pay for it without demand to do work that has no meaning. Every step of the way I was guided. I’ll never get over it. These miracles that came my way. Every day I am so grateful. The truth is God takes care of you every step of the way. That’s a fact! Remember the 23rd Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, beside still waters.” I interpret that as God always guides me and protects me he always provides the means for abundance, peace and safety. ALWAYS! My love to all.

Alin says:

Exactly my situation right now, I feel so useless and powerless and everything is falling apart. You’re comment helped me a bit..

Anonymous says:

Have faith; don’t doubt life

Diane says:

It seems so difficult for me, my body is becoming more and more useless, thank you for this video Mooji and for the people who put this together and send it

Anonymous says:

I just love this video. Thank you so very much……

piroka ekanta says:

i like very much this soul”Mooji”i would like to know where he is living and his life…please give me info….thanks

admin says:

If you would like to know more about Mooji’s life, please visit

Gunver says:

I wake up to this Mooji video, as I go through just what this woman is sharing. To get the answer to my own question just as I need it the most.
There is not a single sentence in this video that I cannot relate to, and the way it is said.
I see now that I am truly doing what is needed, and that the outside world is falling away. Thank you! Thank you! I feel so blessed!

Saraswathi says:

I’m an ardent devotee of Baghawan Ramana. I find your little videos are adding strength to the path of self enquiry. I’m a householder and I believe in ramana’s words of just wait for the flower to blossom. With your guidance I try to connect myself to the source with vigilance. Just doing what my life takes me. But there is always this question whether I’ll get the bliss before my body drops. Pls guide me.
Namaste. I’m Namo Baghavate ramanaya

admin says:

The answer to what you are searching for is in your question. You say “I try to connect myself to the source…”. Herein lies the problem. This you you are talking about doesn’t really exist. You ARE the source that you are seeking. Contemplate that. Namaste

Chris says:

Thank you.

This is exactly what I am going through at the moment.

Ralph says:

thank you! so much gratitude for all these videos that you are sending out! one request: can you lower the volume of the background music on these videos or eliminate it entirely?

Michael says:

Sometimes it can feel like you have been abandoned by the universe because you are down to the last penny and there is no prospects in site, but by living completely in the moment and surrendering everything to consciousness (God), help is coming your way in ways you could not possibly imagine.

odete santos says:

Sempre a minha gratidão. Estes vídeos têm me feito muito bem, cada tema vai de encontro ao que necessito ouvir. Namaste

Colin says:

Thank you for this ❤

Vijay Randive says:

I too going through the same situation. Life circumstances forced me to close my clinic which was the only source of income for me. It’s been 2 months I’m jobless. No savings. No much money. I don’t know what I’m going to do for my livelihood.

Sylvia says:

How touching. How so very beautiful. Thank you Mooji! It cannot be said clearer. And it is more then said. It is shown by You through You.

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