Mooji Video: How Does Identification Drop Away?

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In this WONDERFUL super short four minute video from Mooji, he reminds us that by simply keeping our attention in the “I Am” as much as possible is all we need to do for the identification to drop away.

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Bhaskaran says:

Experiencing the awareness

Ed Sager says:

I many teachings we are invited to ask, Who am I? And Mooji’s guidance here is so clear and concise for me that I seem able to fully relate and grasp into beingness of who I am in this moment! Thank You Mooji

Ed Sager says:

Correction: I neglected the ‘n’ in the first word. It’s meant to say. “In many teachings…” Ed Sager

Maria calvo says:

There is a problem with m’y vĂ­deo
I cannot open it .

Brigitte says:

Just great this video!

Thank you so much Mooji!

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