Mooji Video: Decide Not to Spend Your Life Cowering to the Mind

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In this 5 minute video, Mooji explains that in order to escape the tyranny of the mind, we must decide that no matter what, we will not spend our life cowering to the mind and that there is no projection scary enough to remain as a puppet for the mind.

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Ray says:

please consider trimming moustach on upper lip, it would help me (Westerner) to understand; to “lip-read” through the Indian accent. (BTW, I, too, have a moustach.)

sally says:

Love To All Beings
Thank You Mooji Ji Baba

Kim says:

What if the challenge is coming from not my mind, but my husband’s. Is the best course to open myself fully to the tyranny of his verbal assaults, knowing they cannot kill me? Or should I ignore? Ignoring seems to lead to a buildup and more spewing.

Pia says:

Thank you so much, Michael. The last few video clips you’ve selected for us, have been so powerful and penetrating. So poignant and rich in Truth. Shattering of distorting perceptions. At least while I’m watching them and listening to Moojibaba! You and your team do a beautiful job year after year. Thank you all for your tireless work and commitment to serving us so faithfully.

admin says:

Thank you so much Pia!

Jane Moody says:

Totally agree with Pia December 26 2017.
You are such a blessing to me.


sally says:

Love and Gratitide
Thank You Guruji

Happy Happy Easter Micheal love Love Love

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