Mooji – Eight Minute Guided Meditation

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We all have 10 minutes to spare. This meditation is less than 10 minutes and will bring you back to yourself.

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Atma says:

Thank you, thank you thank you, Beloved Father.

Rogelio Torres says:

Profoundly moved. Thank you Divine Soul.

Kanchan says:

Wonderful!! Thank you Moojiji

Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Moojiji

Anonymous says:

That was so nice and felt so good. Thank you very much Mooji 🙂

Anonymous says:

That was so nice! Thank you Mooji 🙂

Diane says:

I cannot put into words this video, thanks seems to be not enough

Rowena says:

Thank you so much x

misha says:

Thank You

Paula says:

Thankyou ….Thankyou…..Thankyou
Thankyou for this opportunity to be free every moment xxxxxxx

Belinda says:

Thank you Mooji I’m always thankful for your words and what you have to say it’s helping me a lot ✌️✨ much love to you ..

Gillian says:

Shanti, Shanti,Shanti.

Odete Santos says:

Grata Shanti Shanti Shanti

Jo-Ann says:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Saraswathi says:

DearRamana Mooji


Anonymous says:

Master — May we who receive your pointings honor you by simply being that to which you point.

Liliana Farcut says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you
I am so grateful to be able to align and resonate in myself what you are teaching.
This meditation has come to me now that I can ‘hear it’

Much love to you and family
and all who make this possible

Liliana Farcut says:

Every time I experience this with you Mooji it opens my heart even more. Gratitude

Also tears have been expressed this time (difficult to identify why, except perhaps having denied myself this in the past?)
If you do reply to comments I would be grateful for a response
Will empty, empty, empty

Liliana Farcut says:

For ever more many, many,many, maany, many,many, many, thanks

Much love to you Mooji and all of your team

Liliana Farcut says:

For ever more many

Much love to you Mooji and all of your team

Sarla says:

Thank u Mooji father. This meditation has come to me now I can hear it., & do it. Much love to u and all of yours team.

Michelle Wind says:

tears of joy
I love you dearest Mooji

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