Mooji – Is there an actual Universe?

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In this enlightening 5 minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker who wants to know, “if our reality is dreamlike in nature, is there an actual universe?” Let’s listen to Mooji’s response…

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Nayana says:

Thanks for wisdom…..I am not reached at this stage….Guruji….I am groping with conditioned mind,physical body, time…

Anonymous says:

Again so clear, so easy to follow and to see. Thank you so much Mooji for keeping my mind silent.

Saraswathi says:

This is wonderful. Knowingness makes one a child

Anonymous says:

I am like a sieve “it” comes in and “it” goes out but “it” is constant crazy isn’t it

Brigitte says:

To watch your videos dayly Moojibaa is just great and so helpful.


Satyanath Boddikuri says:

So refreshing to know that so called entity & all the other entities are all
*one knowingness only*

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