Mooji – Who is trying to make life a certain way?

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In this 10 minute video, Mooji helps us think about, “Who is trying to make life a certain way” and “Does this one truly exist and where is it located?”  Upon introspection we find that there is this “entity” that is trying to get things done a particular way, there is the one that is watching all of it and not participating, and upon even closer examination we find that neither one can be found.  Let’s listen in…

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sethu says:

Ultimately it is who am I -Thank you mooji !!!i

Nitamody says:

thankyou Mooji

Nayana says:

This series guiding everyday…..Thanks…..

Nayana says:

The same video….but there is a paradigm shift in this .

Nayana says:


Chris says:


Always good to listen to Mooji.

Rekha Patel says:

Thanks with my Love…Pranam Beloved Mooji!!!…Om.

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thanks again for keeping these mooji videos here for us. They are always so timely.

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